POLY-FLEX PFP 2224 08/08
  • POLY-FLEX PFP 2224 08/08
  • POLY-FLEX PFP 2224 08/08

POLY-FLEX PFP 2224 06/08



Absorption of significant angular and radial deviations
Low inertia
Free of speed variations in the transmission
Torsional vibration attenuation
Electric and thermal insulation between the shafts
Mechanical protection against excessive torque


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POLY-FLEX are flexible couplings manufactured in polyamide and reinforced with fibreglass. Reduced size for applications that do not require high torque and where there is significant shaft misalignment.
The material provides excellent resistance to fatigue, which makes it very suitable for high-speed couplings. It absorbs torsional vibration and insulates the shafts both electrically and thermally, acting, where necessary, as a mechanical fuse.
The tightening of the setscrews has been reinforced by incorporating an aluminium fitting.
These couplings are suitable for measurement systems and machines that do not offer high resistant torque values. They are recommended for tachometric generators potentiometers and encoders, etc. POLY-FLEX couplings can be used in the temperature range of -30° to 85°.

PFP 2224 06/08

Data sheet

Weight aprox.
10 gr
Maximum speed
10.000 rpm
80 Ncm
Clamping torque
120 Ncm
Admissible max. angular misalignment
Admissible max. axial misalignment
±0,2 mm
Admissible max. radial misalignment
±0,3 mm
Torsion spring stiffness
38 Nm/rad
7 gcm²
Radial spring stiffness
115 N/mm

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