Shipping and delivery

There are several types of delivery: collect at the facilities of HOHNER AUTOMATION SL, and express courier or standard messaging. The customer must choose his preferred option.

Shipping costs applicable will be deemed in the breakdown of the total purchase price according to the destination and type of shipping chosen. Unless expressly stated otherwise, are borne by the customer and will be added to the total amount to be paid by the selected products once the order. Possible applicable customs charges will be borne by the customer in any case


The purchasing process through the website is completely  conducted electorally, so it is necessary to be registered as a user.

The common steps to carry out a purchase are the following ones:

1º Select items- from this web page you can get access to the list of all items offered in the online store of HOHNER AUTOMATION SL.

By clicking on each article you will get access to its detailed information such as characteristics, photographs and price. On the tab of some articles may appear a selector in order to choose the number of units desired the print option, send it via email, compare with others products or add it to the list of favorites associated with the user’s account.

2º Add to cart- To add any item to your shopping list just click the [Add to Cart] button located on the product detail shown. The user can view the list of products and modify the [Cart] section, which describes the amount of selected products and the total price.

From the basket is given the final step to make effective the final purchase, clicking over [Process Order] / [Proceed to Checkout].

3º User login- The next step is to be identified introducing your password if you are already registered on the website or complete the registration form [Create an account] if this is the first time you buy at the store. Once identified, a form where the user can enter billing and shipping information, showing the amount of items, shipping costs you should select depending on the shipping information and choose the payment method will appear.

4º Address- In this step the user should select the delivery address of his order or indicate a new delivery address in the footsteps of the web and click [Checkout] to go to the next step.

5º Transport- The user must select the option of delivery or pickup of their products. In this section, the user can see the cost of each option available.

At this time, the user must accept the terms of use and contracting as well as the privacy policy. We ask the user to carefully read these sections as they contain important information about the company, the conditions governing and link the business relationship user with HOHNER AUTOMATION SL and relevant information about their rights and how their personal data is treated.

6º Payment-After verifying all data and once accepted legal texts under the sole responsibility of the client, the user must click on the button [Place Order] to give conformity and close the order. Following this a summary of the purchase and payment options screen is displayed.

The user must select the desired payment option and follow the steps. After that, you can choose the preferred payment currency. HOHNER AUTOMATION SL is not responsible for possible fluctuations in currency exchange. The price of the item will be posted at all times in both Euros and dollars or pounds.

7º Confirmation- In a lapse of time less than 24 hours the client will receive a notification email specifying the ordered made, as well as its means for cancellation or modification.


Order Cancellation

The customer can cancel and/or withdraw an order within 14 days from receipt of the order, by sending email to the address

The customer must return the product via parcel, on their own and assuming the cost to HOHNER AUTOMATION SL C/ Dolors Bassa, 3 17400 Breda (Girona) (Spain).